Tennis Etiquette


Besides the rules of tennis there are a couple important unwritten rules which come under the title of tennis etiquette


 When entering the court never walk behind on court when a point is still in play. Wait for a break in the play to walk to Court 2 or to the picnic table.


 When sending balls back to neighbouring courts, roll them to the back of the court and not directly to a player unless he/she requests it. Never send them back while the courts play is in progress.


Nothing causes more angst than the sharing of courts. Here is how it works.

 Court One changes on the hour and half hour; Court Two at :15 and :45 after the hour. Time determines the changeover not the score in the game.

 When both courts are occupied, the arriving players are to place a racquet on court next to rotate off. This is not necessarily the court that has been playing the longest! The players vacating the court may then place a racquet on the court to change next. In this way, three groups are able to share two courts by playing for thirty minutes while sitting out for 15 minutes.

If you experience a lack of cooperation with this, please get the name of the players who refuse to cooperate and report the incident to the Club President. The club will follow-up.




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