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House Leagues

Women’s House League - TUESDAY evenings > starts May 21st until mid-September.

Twenty-four places available; any others will be substitute players.

Mixed House League - WEDNESDAY evenings > starts May 22nd until mid-September. Twenty-four players will be scheduled to play on any given evening with an equal number of men and woman on each of four teams.

Format for Women’s and Mixed House Leagues

Play – three one-hour sessions > 7:00pm – 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Match Report Time – as a courtesy to all concerned, please arrive five minutes prior to match time. Do not enter the courts until there is a suitable break in play on court one.

Warm-up - 5-minute warm-up

Game Format - sudden-death (receiver’s choice) at second-deuce; the server moves to serve to the person receiving - MIXED – same-sex receiver; server moves to serve to same-sex player

Match Play - play 15-games and record result; then play for fun if time permits. Please vacate your court a couple of minutes prior to next match

Reporting your score - players are to report (via e-mail) their games won on a weekly basis to league convener; who then keeps the players up-to-date with schedule and standings.

Communication – The league convener will send out the schedule via email. (excel file)

Men's House League - THURSDAY evenings -7pm to 11pm if required. Starts May 23rd un-til mid-September. Thirty two places available, any others will be substitute players.

Team format. Each participant will have the opportunity to play with every other player on his team.

             Entry to all leagues will not necessarily be on a first-come first-served basis; although, this is very important. Ability to play the game and dedication to the league will also be factored; ab-solute last-day deadline to apply to join any league will be May 1. Schedules will be sent out via email by May 6.

By joining any league, you consent that your name; e-mail address and telephone contact in-formation will be made public to any and all associated with the league concerned and to any and all associated with Deer Run Tennis Club.

House league members are expected to take their commitment seriously. If you are unable to play due to holidays, work commitments, etc, it is your responsibility to get a substitute from a player on your assigned team. House league directors have the authority to replace anyone who does not honour their commitment.

The club’s goal is to provide its members with an opportunity to play tennis and improve their game in a friendly, competitive environment. You must be able to play full court tennis; have complete knowledge of the rules, scoring and etiquette of tennis. House league directors retain the right to make adjustments to ensure that a competitive environment is maintained.