Text Box: Deer Run Tennis Club

Mississauga Ontario

President message



                    Hoping that my 7th year as president of Deer Run Tennis Club will be a great year.  The Executive Committee is working extra hard this year to get the City to help us, revitalize our courts. 

                 If we go with tiling we hope it would bring in new members and give the courts a cushioned surface, which our older members would appreciate. It will also give the courts a new look and will be playable within 15 minutes after rain.  The Executive Committee as a group are looking for your support to vote for the tiles however from the conversations with the City they seem not supportive of the plastic tiling. Orchard Heights Tennis Club is the only court in Mississauga with the outdoor plastic tiles.

             As of now re-surfacing the courts with plastic tile will have to be fully paid by DRTC.  We would like the City to help out with lights and the cost of the tiles.  Anyone from the DRTC membership who has any ideas or any pull in getting the City to help, please get back to us.


                 On a good note- Courts will be open as soon as weather and the City allow us to. May I remind members of the golden rule.  Always treat your fellow members as you would like to be treated. LETS PLAY TENNIS and HAVE FUN!!!


                 Lastly we need to fill the Treasurer position for the club as our past treasurer has moved out of the area.  Please let me know if you would like to volunteer for this position as it is an essential position for our club to function.



Thanks again,


Diego Di Caro